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tina vidak

Tina Vidak is a ceramic artist and designer currently working out of Workshop Studios in Inglewood, Calgary. Born in Bosnia, Tina spent her childhood in Germany as a refugee until 1999 when she immigrated to Canada. During her final semester at the Alberta University of the Arts, Tina became spellbound by ceramics after attending an introductory course to wheel-throwing as an elective.  Here, her journey began. As she plunged into the world of ceramic design, Tina discovered a source of nourishment, healing, and growth, unparalleled by all others. Ceramics became a teacher. Tina learned that ceramic design is much more than success and failure, clay and fire. Ceramics is a method of expression, one which granted Tina a voice where she had otherwise felt silent. For Tina, ceramic design is an expression of habit, of love, of belonging amidst a history of uncertainty and displacement.

    At Workshop Studios, Tina is surrounded by creative, nurturing souls. Those whose wisdom and guidance sanctify her creative space, welcoming her into their hearts and lives. Tina continues to cherish the kinship she finds at Workshop Studios, not only in craft but in companionship. She is committed to a lifelong love-affair with ceramic design and, making her home at Workshop Studios, has built the foundation for a lifetime of growth as an artist, designer, and creator.

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