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How do I purchase one of your pieces?

All of my work is currently only available through my online store. My sales only happen every couple of months, and they sell out fairly quickly so I recommend setting a reminder so that you don't miss out. The best way to stay informed about my updates is to be signed up for my newsletter! All announcements will happen there before I post on any social media channels.

I live in (blank) do you ship there?

Due to Covid19 I have had to restrict my shipping destinations to mostly Canada and the US. There are currently unprecedented delays, but I am still shipping globally with the exception of the UK + AUSTRALIA - my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

I just checked your website and it says everything is sold out...

If everything shows 'sold out' then I currently don't have any items available for purchase. This just means that I am 'in-between' updates, and working extra hard to bring the next batch in to sell. Check my Instagram feed or my front page to find out when my next update is happening.

Will you do pre-orders or will you take on custom orders?

At this time, no. Pre-orders and custom work are often far more labour-intensive (and quite stressful). Anything can go wrong with the ceramics process, so I prefer to make pieces that are free of specific criteria or constraints. I like to make what I feel will be successful, and what will make me happy. This may be my full-time job, but it is still very much my passion and my way of finding peace and I would like to keep it that way.

I saw you post an item that I absolutely love, can you reserve it for me?

Unfortunately no. I get dozens of messages asking if I can reserve items, and if I said yes to all of them then I would have nothing posted in my shop. So in order to keep things fair for everyone I will only allow sales directly through my online shop.

Do you do wholesale?

I currently don't do wholesale, and my work is currently only available for purchase exclusively through my online shop. This will not change in the future.

Are you making anymore of (blank)?

I can't say either yes or no to this question because my style always changes and fluctuates. If you see an item that you like then I recommend purchasing it as soon as you have a chance because I may never make another one like it. I don't like to streamline my work too much to only make specific things. I like to challenge myself and exercise my creative muscles, so chances are you will consistently see new pieces and styles as time goes by.

One or more item(s) in my cart was missing when I completed my purchase.

Unfortunately having an item in your cart does not hold it for you. This is not something I can customize as it is a feature my website provider has implemented to avoid cart hoarding. If another person with the same item completes their transaction then it will immediately become unavailable (even if you had it in your cart).

Can I put my piece in the dishwasher or microwave?

If you own a piece with gold or silver lustre then it cannot go in either the dishwasher or the microwave. Hand washing is recommended for all pieces to extend the life of the finish. I recommend using a non-abrasive micro fibre cloth to clean your pieces. Conventional sponges can scratch the gold lustre off your pieces.

I sent you a message on Instagram but I haven't heard back...

If you sent me a DM on Instagram then chances are it simply got lost in the sea of messages. There is really no way to keep track of information through Instagram messages, so I suggest you send me an email with as much information as possible so that I can answer your question in a timely manner.

I live locally and I wondered if I can pick my piece up instead of having it shipped?

Yes you can! If you are about to make a purchase please use the pickup option during checkout. This will void the shipping charge, and allow you to pick your piece up in person. Please wait for an email with detailed instructions, and please do not show up outside of the date/time that has been arranged.

Can I pop by your studio to buy some stuff?

At this time, no. My studio is currently a space for me to make. It is not a store front, and any added foot traffic is likely a distraction to the creative makers that share the space. The studio space itself hosts open house days several times a year, and those are currently the only times that I will arrange to sell work out of my studio.

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